A cavity is a small pit in your tooth enamel caused by tooth decay. A cavity that goes untreated can lead to a very serious toothache, infection in the tooth, and even eventual tooth loss or extraction.

It’s important to get your cavities treated right away, and if you’re getting lots of cavities at one time, it’s helpful to identify the reason. Knowing what’s causing your cavities can help you stop cavities before they start. Your dentist in Sugar Land, TX, can help with this. 

What Causes Cavities?

Several factors can cause cavities. Many people get cavities when they have poor oral hygiene habits and consume a lot of sugary foods and beverages. Drinking soda and sugary coffees and eating sugary foods can all lead you to get cavities. Other factors that put you at high risk for cavities include:

  • Dry mouth. Saliva helps keep your teeth clean, so it can be easier to get cavities when you have a dry mouth. Some medications can cause dry mouth, which in turn causes cavities.
  • Age. Children are at high risk for cavities because they often have poor oral hygiene and eat a lot of sugary foods. Older adults are also at higher risk for cavities because they often have problems like dry mouth and receding gums, which can lead to cavities near the gum line. 
  • Lack of fluoride. Consuming fluoride can help strengthen your tooth enamel, but you’re at higher risk for cavities if you don’t consume enough fluoride.
  • Frequent snacking. Frequent snacking exposes your teeth to sugar throughout the day, which can be bad for your teeth.

What Can You Do About Cavities?

If you’re getting frequent cavities, talk to your dentist when you come in for a dental exam and cleaning in Sugar Land, TX. Your dentist can help you determine the potential reason you’re getting so many cavities.

Once the potential reason has been identified, your dentist can help you work through these problems to reduce your risk. Getting this kind of care is important for the health and wellness of your teeth and gums. Call First Dental Family & Cosmetic Dentistry today to make an appointment.


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