Summer is a time of good fun and good food – and some of those foods can stain your teeth. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to keep your teeth white, even as you attend barbecue after barbecue this summer. By following these tips, and by visiting your dentist in Sugar Land, TX, you can help keep your teeth white and beautiful.

1. Swish With Water

Swishing with water after eating foods that stain your teeth can help wash away some of the ingredients that cause stains. You can swish with sparkling water or pure water – but don’t swish with soda or wine!

2. Know Foods that Stain

There are lots of foods that stain your teeth. Over the course of the summer, the ones you encounter most may include ketchup, barbecue sauce, tomato sauce, red wine, berries and soda. Note that white wine is acidic and can cause your teeth to stain your teeth too – even though it’s not actually a dark color.

3. Keep Up Your At-Home Oral Hygiene Habits

Keep up your oral hygiene habits. If you don’t have good oral hygiene habits, develop them! This includes brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing at least once per day. You can also brush your teeth about an hour after eating something that stains.

If this is important to you, keep a toothbrush in your car, at your desk at work, or in your purse, so you’ll have access to a toothbrush when you need it. Talk to your dentist about your tooth brushing technique to ensure that you’re brushing your teeth properly.

4. Visit the Dentist on Your Regular Schedule

Your dentist probably tells you to come in for regular tooth cleanings every six months. Visiting your dentist when it’s recommended can help keep your teeth healthy and white.

5. Talk to Your Dentist About Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening services in Sugar Land TX can help keep your teeth white and bright. Getting your teeth whitened this summer can help you avoid the stains that might come from those delicious backyard barbecues. Call today to make an appointment.


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