The COVID pandemic has disrupted so many aspects of our normal lives. One area that has been altered is access to healthcare. For many, it’s been a challenge to receive treatment for conditions other than COVID. At First Dental, we are committed to continuing to provide dental care to our patients. Dental care in Sugarland, TX is available in a safe environment. Here are the precautions we are talking in the midst of this pandemic:

Personal Protective Wear

We are taking PPE very seriously at First Dental. Our first line of defense for staff and patients is PPE, or “personal protective equipment.” We ask that all persons entering our office for any reason wear an approved face mask. This includes patients, attending family members and friends and even couriers who may enter just for a minute to drop off or pick up packages. Our staff wears masks continually throughout the workday.

Our professional treatment staff wear a state-of-the-art Respiratory Protection Equipment Suit that allows the dentist and other treatment professionals to perform procedures without exposing themselves or their patients to potential threats from the COVID virus.

Protective Lighting

UV light has been known for decades to be an effective weapon against viruses. As such, we’ve invested in our patients’ health by installing an advanced UV lighting protection system within our A/C unit. The UV light sterilizes the air that passes through our ventilation system, helping to ensure that airborne particles are safer to breathe. This particular system is so effective, that we have decided to keep the system in place, even after the pandemic has passed.

Sterilization of Surfaces

Your Sugarland, TX dentist at First Dental is also highly sensitive to the number of people passing through the office on a daily basis. This is why surface sterilization takes such a high priority at our offices. Each day, we carefully clean and sterilize the lobby area, door handles, countertops and work room areas so that our office is as clean as possible for each of our patients.

At First Dental, we follow CDC guidelines, which include social distancing and certain other protective measures. We are fully committed to providing a safe environment for our dental patients in Sugarland, Texas.

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