When a person has teeth that are damaged or don’t look their best, it can be a huge blow to self-esteem and impact their lives in many ways. To solve this problem, dentists offer porcelain veneers that can provide a positive transformation to most patients. If you’re considering veneers but need more information, here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding porcelain veneers.

What is a Porcelain Veneer?

A thin piece of porcelain that is cut precisely to the shape of a patient’s tooth, a porcelain veneer is bonded to the front of a tooth to help with cracks, chips, and gaps.

How Will  Veneer Help My Teeth?

Along with helping minimize cracks, chips, and gaps in teeth, a porcelain veneer will also help improve teeth structurally and cosmetically. In doing so, a patient’s dental health is greatly improved, as is their self-esteem.

Will a Porcelain Veneer Ruin or Damage My Teeth?

Certainly not. While veneers will alter the shape, size, and shade of your teeth, cementing them over your teeth will not damage or ruin your teeth.

What if My Teeth are Discolored?

Even if your teeth are severely discolored due to coffee stains, medications, excessive amounts of fluoride, or other substances, porcelain veneers can easily make your teeth look white and sparkling once again.

Will My Teeth be Sensitive After Getting Porcelain Veneers?

In most cases, patients experience little if any sensitivity immediately after they receive porcelain veneers.

How Many Visits Will I Need?

When most patients receive porcelain veneers, it will take two visits. At the first visit, the patient’s teeth will be examined, prepared, and shaped. During the second visit, the veneers will be cemented to the teeth. Between visits, temporary restorations can be put in place to minimize sensitivity, help with eating, and add attractiveness to the patient’s smile.

Unfortunately, many people go for years or even their whole lives with teeth that are damaged due to a variety of factors. Rather than endure physical pain from damaged teeth or emotional pain due to a smile you are not proud of day after day, schedule a consultation with us at your earliest convenience to learn more about how porcelain veneers can change your life and your smile.


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