Got a toothache that won’t go away? Cracked a tooth or lost a crown?

These are dental emergencies that should be addressed as soon as possible. First Dental Family and Cosmetic Dentistry are here to help, but it’s important that you contact us immediately by phone or text.

Common Dental Emergencies

Any immediately threatening dental situation can be an emergency, but most of the time, dental emergencies are related to one of two things:

• Impact to the Mouth

Cracked, chipped, and other broken teeth need immediate treatment. This goes for permanent teeth that have been completely knocked out as well. If the latter occurs, make sure you do not handle the tooth by its roots or brush or wash it. Put it back in its socket if possible or place it in a container of water, milk, or saliva. Again, contact us right away for the best chances of saving your tooth.

• Infection

Tooth infections or abscesses can happen for any number of reasons, including poor hygiene or food particle build-up, infection following tooth extraction, or a cavity that’s become infected. Without treatment, a tooth infection won’t go away, so you’ll need to seek treatment as soon as possible.

Interim Pain Management for Dental Emergencies

If seeking medical care is not an option right away, consider these pain management steps to quell pain in the meantime:

• Ice packs on the outer cheek(s)

• Ibuprofen (do not take aspirin)

• Benzocaine and other OTC dental anesthetics

• Warm water rinses

• Heating pads for jaw discomfort and pain

• Cotton over a sharp, broken tooth edge

Have a Dental Emergency in the Fort Bend County Area?

First Dental Family and Cosmetic Dentistry offer same-day emergency dental care for those times when scheduling an appointment is not an option. It’s important not to wait for care when you have an emergency as some dental issues may worsen and even become life-threatening without treatment.

If you have a dental emergency during business hours, feel free to call or text now for same-day care.

If your emergency is after hours, please call our emergency dentist number at (281) 494-3368.

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