Same day crowns offer patients many advantages over traditional crowns. Both types of crowns provide a person with the ability to gain a beautiful smile free of imperfections by allowing crooked teeth, gaps, discoloration and cracks to become a thing of the past. The differences between the two cannot be overlooked, however. Same day crowns provide patients with the following advantages:

1. Eliminates Temporary Crowns

A patient that chooses a traditional crown is typically fitted with a temporary dental device while the lab is fabricating the permanent one. Because they are designed to be a temporary fix, these crowns often don’t fit a patient’s mouth just right. They can also be uncomfortable to wear, particularly if the temporary crown shifts while it’s in use.

2. Less Time

When it comes to traditional crowns, most patients must be prepared to visit their dentist at least two times. During the first visit, a mold of the mouth or the area where the crown is needed is completed. This is sent off to a lab where it’s fabricated before being shipped back to the dentist.

During the second visit, the patient is fitted with the crown, and any adjustments are made. The entire process could take a few weeks to complete.

A same-day crown is designed and created right there in the dentist office using a specialized machine. This process takes place during the patient’s visit, so there is no need to come back.

3. More Convenient

Instead of taking several weeks to complete the procedure and having to make two different trips to the dentist office, a same-day crown streamlines the process. Everything takes place on the same day and in the same office. There is no need for an individual to shift their schedule to have the smile they desire.

At First Dental Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we’re proud to offer our patients same-day crowns. Call us today to schedule an appointment to determine if same-day crowns are a good choice for you.

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