Do you have a new baby in the house? Not long from now, your baby will start teething. While it can be an exciting time to know that your baby will soon grow new teeth, it can also be an uncomfortable time for your baby. As a parent, there are many things you can do to alleviate your baby’s discomfort, if you recognize the signs of teething. Here’s what you need to know.

Signs Your Baby Is Teething

Babies react to teething in many ways, with some displaying all or some of the symptoms below. Some babies have no noticeable symptoms while teething.

  • Red, swollen gums
  • One cheek is flushed
  • Rash on the face, around the chin
  • Excessive drool
  • Gnawing and chewing on everything
  • Rubbing their ear
  • Mild fever

While teething, your baby will likely be fussier than usual and may have a hard time sleeping. Luckily, teething only lasts a few days for most kids!

When Do Babies Get Their First Teeth?

Babies tend to get their first teeth between ages 5 and 7 months. Most babies get their bottom incisors first, followed by their upper incisors.

How Can You Alleviate Discomfort?

Rubber teething toys may provide some relief to your child. You can also help your baby by rubbing their gums with your finger, or by allowing them to chew on your finger. Wash your hands!

Some doctors recommend infant acetaminophen for teething. Talk to your child’s doctor before giving this to your child.

When Should Your Baby See the Dentist?

Bring your baby to see the dentist in Sugar Land, TX when their first tooth erupts, or when they turn one year old, whichever comes first. Bringing your baby to see the dentist can help set your child up for a lifetime of good oral hygiene.

When you bring your baby in to the dentist, we’ll examine your child’s tooth and give you information about what you can do to keep your baby’s teeth clean. We’ll show you how to brush their teeth and give other tips.

At First Dental Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we’re proud to provide pediatric dental care in Sugar Land, TX. Call today to make an appointment.

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