Are you nervous about seeing the dentist in Sugar Land, TX? You’re not alone. Some patients just don’t feel comfortable in the dentist chair. It’s still important to see the dentist, but you can make the experience better overall by working with your dental professional and by following these tips below.

1. Bring a podcast or music to listen to.

One way to take your mind off your anxieties about seeing the dentist is to give yourself something else to think about while your dentist is cleaning your teeth. Bring favorite music or a favorite podcast, so you can listen to the rhythm or the interesting topic of the day, and hopefully your dental appointment will be over before you know it.

2. Tell your dentist about how you feel.

Many dentists have strategies they use when they’re seeing a patient that has dental anxiety. Telling your dentist how you feel is the first step to learning more about these strategies. Help your dentist help you by telling your dentist about your concerns. What are you afraid of? Tell your dentist up front and see what your dentist suggests for future visits.

3. Try deep breathing and meditation.

Deep breathing and meditation can help calm your nerves and take your mind off your concerns about seeing the dentist. If you’ve never tried deep breathing and meditation before, try guided meditation to help you get started.

4. Listen to guided imagery.

Guided imagery helps you form pictures in your mind. Like the podcast or music, guided imagery can help you take your mind off your concerns, which in turn can help you feel calmer while you’re in the dentist chair.

5. Signal when you need a break.

Taking a break can help you feel better when your anxiety is peaking. Set up a signal with your dentist that indicates you need a break.

At First Dental Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we’re happy to help patients who feel some dental anxiety. We’re here for you! To find out more about how we help patients who feel anxious about seeing the dentist during routine dental appointments in Sugar Land, TX, call today.


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